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Our Products


A carefully paired carpet improves the ambience of a space and gives a room more character. We offer a large variety of carpets to suit various needs.


We assure quality laying that is seamless and shows minimal joints. Our services extend beyond installations – we also provide quality maintenance of your carpets. 

Modern Lounge
White Kitchen


Laminate and vinyl are the rave today, enriching both homes and office spaces they add value to the property and create a timeless appeal. 


A healthier and cleaner choice, Laminate and Vinyl flooring works for any space, with a vast variety of products, we provide advise on which options are best suited to you.


Its high functionality, fade resistance and ability to provide greater lighting control make blinds an efficient choice.


We have a wide range that could easily complement your interiors or suit your personal style.

Curtains and Blinds
Star Flower Wallpaper


We offer leading international brands from England, Germany and Italy, as well mid range brands from Korea, Taiwan and China. 


Our selection and installation by an experienced and reliable team ensures quality finishes for feature walls, lobbies, luxury homes and other important spaces.

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